Our team of environmental consultants has varied expertise and experience in northern and central Australian environments.  We place a high value on employing local people who know the place, the people and the way things work.  This philosophy has enabled EcOz to grow over the past 25 years, from two people working from home in Alice Springs, to being the largest team of environmental consultants in the Territory.   Our people are qualified, professional and competent working in the often harsh conditions experienced in the remote parts of Australia.

Principal Consultants

Ray Hall

Director & Principal Environmental Consultant


Ray is a Certified Environment Practitioner with EIANZ with over 25 years experience in Northern Australia. He has extensive experience in the NRM field, including pioneering innovative NRM based business development, especially for Indigenous Groups. He has environmental experience in the resources industry including baseline environmental investigations (soil, water and vegetation work, aquatic ecology and general flora and fauna surveys), as well as ongoing compliance and closure planning. Ray is a member of the NT Natural Resource Management Board.

Jeff Richardson

Principal Environmental Consultant


Jeff is trained as an ecologist and has over 20 years of professional experience in senior science, policy and land and water management positions in state and federal government and consultancy. Jeff has broad science and policy experience and has worked across Australia performing biological surveys, managing threatened species, regional land management activities including prioritisation, monitoring and reporting, while working with mining companies, NRM groups, NGOs, pastoral groups and government departments.

Kylie Welch

Managing Consultant - Impact Assessment and Approvals

MSSc BSc (Hons)

Kylie is a Certified Environment Practitioner with 18 years’ experience in environmental impact assessment and management in northern Australia. She is experienced at negotiating environment and land-use approvals for a range of different land-uses. Her skills include managing multi-disciplinary project teams, impact and risk assessment (EIA/EIS), environmental policy and compliance, and environmental communications. Kylie has studied a Masters of Social Science and has a keen interest in integration of social impact assessment within EIA.

Glen Ewers

Managing Consultant - Ecology

BSc, LLB, Dip Arts (Envtl Studies), Grad Cert (Ornithology)

Glen is an environmental scientist who has worked around Australia in a range of capacities relating to NRM, and especially ornithology. His passion is birds, but the depth and diversity of his professional experiences gives him a range of consultancy skills. With EcOz since 2012, Glen has undertaken or led fauna surveys throughout the Top End at sites as diverse as Tiwi Islands, Finniss River, Noonamah, East Point, Pine Creek, East Arnhem Land and Katherine; as well as in Cape York, Central Australia, Mt Isa and the Kimberley. Glen is also an experienced project manager, having delivered several significant components of several large EIS projects. He has authored or contributed significantly to numerous Notices of Intent and EIS chapters.

Claire Jones

Principal Consultant – Impact Assessment & Approvals

BSc(Hons)AppBiol, BScEcotox&Pollution

Claire is a senior professional with 20 years of mixed industry experience across Australia and New Zealand, Canada and the UK. This includes over 12 years in the Northern Territory in consulting, the public sector and FIFO roles. Claire specialises in water quality, sediment and soil quality, and biological impact assessment and risk management. Claire has significant mining experience and expertise in environmental approvals, permitting, compliance, monitoring, and project management. Claire joined EcOz in 2023 and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience including industry experience in mining, land development and construction, maritime and utilities.

Lead Consultants

Tom Reilly

Managing Consultant - Alice Springs

MSSc Bsc (Hons)

Tom is an ecologist with 15 years’ experience working in northern and Central Australia. He has a broad range of project experience in mining, development, scientific research, and government projects. He also has skills in water and soil quality monitoring, sediment and erosion control plans, and GIS mapping. After working in the Darwin office for 10 years, Tom has moved to Alice Springs to establish a local presence for delivering EcOz central Australian projects.

Helen Dwyer

Managing Consultant - Water

BEnvMan (Hons)

Helen is an environmental scientist with 8 years’ experience working predominantly in remote parts of the Northern Territory. She has worked in environmental advisory positions in the mining industry and variety of projects including development and implementation of surface water and groundwater monitoring programs, Mine Management Plans, Waste Discharge License applications, environmental assessment and approvals documentation, Land Capability Assessments, and environmental audits.

Emma Lewis

Lead Consultant - Water


Emma Lewis is an environmental scientist who grew up in Darwin before moving to QLD to study Environmental Science at Griffith University. She has 10 years’ experience working in remote QLD and the NT, for the construction industry, state and local government. She has experience working in waste management, environmental monitoring and assessment and environmental approvals. She has worked on a variety of projects including development and implementation of Waste Management Plans and Strategies, operational landfill and waste collection documentation, Environmental Protection Licence and Approvals documentation, and Environmental Management Plans. Specialty knowledge includes groundwater and surface water quality monitoring and reporting, environmental approvals, project management, project supervision and implementation, government reporting, and the development of environmental management plans and systems.

David Loewensteiner

Lead Consultant – Ecology

BSc(Mar.Biol), BSc(Biol)

David is an ecologist who has spent over 20 years working in consulting, academia and government. He specializes in the application of technologies to track animal movements, assess biodiversity, evaluate habitat and monitor ecosystems.
David has expertise in the use of a range of platforms and tools to monitor and understand the environment and has worked across the marine, freshwater and terrestrial environments. He is proficient in the use of drones, remote camera traps, acoustic monitors and autonomous underwater vehicles.
David is adept at using a range of statistical analyses, machine learning approaches and data visualization tools to enable decision making from the robust, but often complex and large data that is collected when deploying these systems.
David’s applied ecological experience spans monitoring ecosystem restoration, setting mine site closure criteria, conducting biodiversity assessments, studying feral animal behavior and mapping ecosystems.

Roberta Ferrari

Lead Consultant – Impact Assessment & Approvals


Roberta is a Senior Environmental Consultant with 15 years’ experience as an environmental professional and within the mining industry in the Northern Territory, predominantly in Central Australia. Roberta joined EcOz in March 2023 as part of the Impact Assessment & Approvals Team and has since been involved with mining compliance, approvals, and referrals.
Roberta previously worked for the NT Government in a regulatory role, was the Manager for the Central Mining Team for the Department of Industry, Tourism and Trade, and for the private sector as an Environmental Consultant. She has profound knowledge and experience in mining legislation, compliance, and approvals (mining management plans, auditing, site inspection and investigation) as well as experience in oil and gas and agriculture industry.