Most developments will have some form of impact on the environment. EcOz can provide environmental analysis, monitoring and other services to assist clients in complying with legislation and minimising their impact to the environment.

EcOz can provide a comprehensive range of environmental monitoring and consultancy services to help clients meet their legal obligations to comply with Environmental Legislation. Our experts can provide tailored services to your project depending on your requirements, and the requirements of the relevant legislation.

Water Quality Monitoring

EcOz can provide water monitoring services for your projects ground water, surface water, or wastewater needs. We can tailor our expertise to a wide range of projects including minesites, industrial sites, residential development and water treatment plants.

We have the capability to cover all aspects of water quality monitoring, and have staff that are highly experienced in water sampling practices to Australian standards using monitoring equipment that is regularly serviced and calibrated.

Rehabilitation Monitoring

Rehabilitation areas require regular monitoring to verify that closure criteria are met, so that the site can be relinquished in a timely manner. EcOz regularly monitors rehabilitation success across northern and central Australia, with monitoring parameters commonly including landform stability, soil and water monitoring, vegetation community structure and cover, fauna usage and landscape function.

Dust, Noise and Vibration Monitoring

Minesite, Industrial and Residential developments are synonymous with loud noises, dust and vibration. EcOz can provide a range of different monitoring services using high specification instruments to accurately determine noise, and vibration levels. We can also provide recommendations and advice on mitigation to control noise impacts and reduce noise complaints from neighbouring properties.

Weed Monitoring

EcOz can provide expert weed monitoring services. Our staff have knowledge of local weeds, and are able to provide initial weed surveys as well as ongoing monitoring to inform weed management plans, and government reporting.