EcOz can manage your rehabilitation and closure requirements from the project concept to completion. EcOz prides itself on delivery effective, economical and compliant rehabilitation solutions. EcOz has worked closely with a number of mining, commercial and infrastructure clients to deliver successful rehabilitation outcomes for over 10 years.

Our experience incorporates the project planning phases, statutory approvals, rehabilitation planning, implementation and monitoring.

Our technical expertise, AS/NZ 4801 accredited safety systems and ISO 9001 accredited management systems, and demonstrated experience have us well placed to service your environmental rehabilitation requirements.

Rehabilitation and Closure Strategy Plans for Project Design and Approvals

Closure planning is necessary from the very beginning of project planning. Approvals processes require that all mines and certain other developments be designed for closure so documentation to demonstrate this is required very early during a project's development.

The development of closure criteria is an important component of rehabilitation and closure strategies and plans. EcOz is experienced in developing site-specific closure criteria that includes comprehensive risk assessment based on financial, environmental, community, and health and safety objectives.

EcOz have successfully delivered practical, cost-effective and compliant closure criteria for several mining and infrastructure clients.

Baseline Soil and Vegetation Assessment to Support Rehabilitation Planning

EcOz's Earth Scientists, Water Scientists, Ecologists and Botanists have extensive field and technical experience across the tropical and arid regions. Baseline rehabilitation assessment typically includes flora surveys (including weeds), vegetation condition, soil mapping and analysis, fauna studies and hydrological assessment. Our expertise in survey design and assessment ensures a comprehensive and robust data-set to inform rehabilitation planning and implementation.

Implementation of Rehabilitation Strategies and Plans

Rehabilitation strategies generally include site-specific revegetation and stabilisation works, seed management, fauna habitat enhancement works and monitoring.

A well-considered rehabilitation program is critical for ensuring cost savings and the eventual relinquishment of the site. EcOz specialist staff can implement a range of revegetation, rehabilitation and maintenance measures including landform design and stabilisation, direct planting, seed spraying, native seed harvesting and broadcasting, as well as site-based plant propagation. We have experience in engaging local and/or Indigenous people to perform much of this work, with the required level of supervision and support.

Rehabilitation Monitoring and Assessments, Review, Reporting and On-Going Planning

Rehabilitation areas require regular monitoring to verify that closure criteria are met, so that the site can be relinquished in a timely manner. EcOz regularly monitors rehabilitation success across northern and central Australia, with monitoring parameters commonly including landform stability, soil and water monitoring, vegetation community structure and cover, fauna usage and landscape function.

This monitoring is used to assess rehabilitation performance and where possible, early and progressive rehabilitation provides realistic data to continually improve the rehabilitation program.