EcOz has the Northern Territory’s largest team of consulting ecologists; all are experienced across a wide range of northern and central Australian bioregions and the corresponding flora and fauna of the region.

Our staff, projects and activities are permitted under the Parks and Wildlife Act and staff are registered animal handlers with ethics approvals under the Animal Welfare Act. We are fully equipped for safe and effective remote work and have up-to-date specialist vehicles, equipment, technology and safety and management systems.

EcOz can manage all of your ecology requirements.

Baseline Ecology Assessments

Baseline ecological survey is a fundamental part of the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA/EIS) process, in which the government requires detailed information on the natural environment and how the proposal may affect it. EcOz has the Northern Territory's largest team of consulting ecologists.

Threatened Species Surveys and Management

Threatened species are of particular concern to the community and government and EcOz is frequently engaged to survey for and, where appropriate, develop management strategies for these species.

Vegetation / Habitat Condition Surveys

EcOz is frequently asked to perform habitat condition surveys to support the environmental approval processes or as part of ongoing monitoring.

Weed Surveys and Planning

Knowledge of the local weeds is important, as it determines a company's weed risk and responsibilities. EcOz has performed many weed surveys and weed management plans, both as part of the EIS process and general site environmental management, as well as follow-up monitoring and reporting to government.

Local knowledge helps not only identify the weeds but also the relevant habitats, environments where they are likely to be found.