Ground and Surface Water

EcOz can manage your water-related requirements with specialist capabilities in surface and groundwater assessments and sampling across all of types of industries and locations in northern Australia.

We have many years of experience in water quality assessment, monitoring and management, including an in-depth knowledge of the specific regulatory requirements.

We have the capability to cover all aspects of water quality for a given project.

Baseline Water Quality Assessments

Baseline water quality assessments and sampling are an essential part of the Approvals and Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA/EIS) process. EcOz has extensive experience carrying out baseline surface and groundwater studies across northern Australia in a variety of industries and locations

Aquatic Ecology Surveys

We regularly undertake baseline aquatic fauna surveys (i.e. macroinvertebrates, fish) as part of the approvals process, as well as ongoing assessments of aquatic ecosystem health in conjunction with water quality monitoring. Our staff are experienced in conducting macroinvertebrate surveys in accordance with the national 'AUSRIVAS' protocols and we have specialist skills and equipment to undertake fish surveys in a variety of aquatic environments.

Water Management Plans

EcOz can develop plans to identify, manage and monitor water capture, extraction, storage and disposal. Additionally it is important that a plan provides information about current water uses and charts a course for water efficiency improvements, conservation activities, and water-reduction goals. We operate in both the wet dry tropics and the arid zones so water balances are crucial to the sustainability of most developments requiring water use.

Waste Discharge Assessments and Licences

EcOz has worked with several clients to develop + obtain waste discharge licences, we regularly undertake monitoring and audits to ensure that discharges meet the requirements of licences granted and work with clients to develop strategies if licence conditions aren't met.

Site Water Balance and Management

Management of water is a key requirement for many developments especially on mine sites to allow for effective production and to ensure that downstream water quality and ecosystem health is maintained. This can be very challenging in the wet-dry tropics, where variation in rainfall over the year results in sites having to manage water shortages in the dry season and surpluses during the wet season. Our staff are experienced in assisting clients in developing and documenting effective water balances and practicable management solutions.

Routine Water Quality Monitoring

On-going routine surface and groundwater monitoring is undertaken to assess any potential impacts of developments and may be required to meet regulatory requirements (e.g. Waste Discharge Licences). We have staff who are highly experienced in water sampling practices in accordance with Australian-standards and specialised and dedicated monitoring equipment that is regularly serviced and calibrated to ensure data integrity.

We can adapt our water monitoring expertise to a wide range of projects including industrial sites, mine sites, dredging operations, waste water treatment plants, residential and tourism developments.

Licencing and Reporting

Many projects require careful water management, especially for potential off site releases that have to be managed and reported to regulatory authorities. This process may require a water management plan and/or a waste discharge licence. EcOz has many years of experience in this area with in-depth knowledge of the specific regulatory requirements.