EcOz has extensive environmental assessment experience. We can manage the environmental aspects of a project from concept to completion.

We offer our client’s relationship based professional support, advice and project management services to guide them through the environmental and regulatory approvals process. We maintain a solid working relationship with all levels of Government and are familiar with their systems and regulation.

Our experience and stability of well-respected staff can help you navigate through complex legislative pathways to gain approvals in an efficient and effective manner.

We provide total environmental management, as well as auditing, monitoring and regulatory services to companies, government departments, and other organisations.

Environmental approvals can take many years but with the right advice and careful planning, this time can be substantially reduced. Being local means our environmental approvals team understands the complexities of the approvals process for northern Australia and have the contacts to provide guidance when needed.

EcOz distinguishes itself in not only being able to support clients in gaining government approvals but also in ensuring ongoing environmental compliance from project concept to closure. Using one consultant across the various compliance stages gives our clients’ substantial financial and logistical savings.

Project Notice to Government

The purpose of this advice is to inform the community and government of a pending project and marks the start of the approvals process. It is this early phase that defines the duration of the approvals process, so good advice provided at this stage can take over a year off the approvals process. EcOz has written the project notice for many recent projects in the NT.

Environmental Impact Statements (EIS) / Public Environmental Review (PER)

An EIS is generally required for large projects or those considered to have a potentially high risk of substantial environmental impact, whereas a PER is generally required for smaller projects with a relatively low perceived environmental impact.

From the project notice, the government determines the level of assessment (EIS or PER) and develops the Terms of Reference, which inform the proponent on what is required to be addressed in the EIS or PER. After the EIS is submitted, a supplementary process is generally required to address submissions received during the public review period.

EcOz has managed the process and written the Environmental Approvals documentation for many projects.

Annual Reporting and Data Management

For ongoing government regulation/compliance, companies are obligated to undertake environmental reporting at specified intervals on approval conditions. EcOz can manage the collection and analysis of relevant data, reporting and delivery of these documents. Furthermore, as these reports are often data-driven we collect data, establish + manage databases, analyse and interpret the data.